Direct and Manage Project Work

This article contains most of the important information you need to know about Direct and manage project work process in order to answer questions related to this topic in the PMP Exam, I recommend you review this type of articles 1 week before your exam date, all information mentioned are based on PMBOK Guide 6th edition and PMP Exam Prep 9th edition for Rita Maclhy’s, ITTO refers to Inputs, Tools & Techniques and outputs.

This process is a part of executing Process group and Integration Management Knowledge Area with the following ITTO’s


  1. Project Management Plan
  2. Project Documents ( Change log , lessons learnt register , Milestones list , Project communications , project schedule , Requirements tractability matrix , Risk Register , Risk report )
  3. Approved change requests.
  4. Enterprise Environmental Factors.
  5. Organization Process Assets.

Tools &Techniques:

  1. Meetings
  2. Expert Judgment
  3. Project management Information System



  1. Deliverables
  2. Work Performance data
  3. Issue log
  4. Change requests
  5. Project Management Plan updates
  6. Project Document Updates ( Activity list, assumption log , Lessons learnt register , Requirements documentation , Risk register , Stakeholder register )
  7. Organizational Process Assets Updates


  • The Role of the project manager in this process is to integrate all executing works in order to accomplish project management plan to produce.
  • Mainly this process involves executing the project planned activities to achieve the project deliverables and accomplish established objectives .
  • Direct & Manage Project Work mainly involves the following points
  1. Managing people and keeping them engaged in the Project
  2. Improve processes involved in the work.
  3. Create Project Deliverables.
  4. Requesting Changes.
  5. Implementing approved change requests, Corrective actions, Preventive actions & Defect repair which was approved in perform integrated change control process.
  6. Project Manager should be in service of the team to help them get work done.
  7. Keep the team and functional managers informed about the next month schedule.
  • Work Authorization System (WAS) , Defines approval levels needed to issue work authorization , it helps preventing scope creep as formal approval must be available before work begins , it is a part of the Enterprise environmental Factors .
  • PMI assumes that when executing starts , project manager takes time to focus on all knowledge areas rather than giving attention to one knowledge area .
  • Most Of the Project time & resources are spent in the direct and manage project work process !


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