Develop Project Charter

This article contains most of the important information you need to know about Develop Project charter process in order to answer questions related to this topic in the PMP Exam, I recommend you review this type of articles I week before your exam date, all information mentioned are based on PMBOK Guide 6th edition and PMP Exam Prep 9th edition for Rita Maclhy’s, ITTO refers to Inputs, Tools & Techniques and outputs.

This process is a part of Initiating Process group and Integration Management Knowledge Area with the following ITTO’s :



  1. Business Documents
  2. Agreements
  3. Organizational Process Assets
  4. Enterprise Environmental Factors

Tools & Techniques:

  1. Expert Judgment
  2. Date Gathering ( Brainstorming , Focus Groups , Interviews )
  3. Interpersonal and Team skills ( Conflict management , facilitation , Meeting management )
  4. Meetings



  1. Project Charter
  2. Assumption Log


  • Chartering a project validates alignment of the project to the strategy of the organization , a project charter is not a contract because there is no consideration or money promised or exchanged in its creation .
  • A project charter should contains the following : Project Name & Description , Project Manager assigned & Level of authority , Preassigned resources , Business Case , Stakeholders , Stakeholders requirements, Assumptions, Risks , Constraints , Project Objectives , Product Description , Project approval requirements and Sponsor authorizing the charter .
  • A Project Charter Main Benefits are: Formally authorize Project existence, Assign the Project manager and authorize him to apply organizational resources, Links the project to ongoing work of the organization and mention Project high level requirements, risks and constraints.
  • Project Charter is considered from the Project Documents and it shouldn’t change during the project life, changing a project charter calls to the question if the project should continue or not.
  • Memorize that Develop project charter process is in the initiating process group and all information defined are High Level, Nothing with details , as detailed information consumes time and needs money and you can’t spend time and money while the project is not authorized yet .
  • The same project may contain 2 Charters, one for the buyer and one for the seller.
  • Project Charter must be officially signed by the sponsor ( Signed Off by sponsor )
  • The business case is an important term which must be mentioned in the project charter since it captures the business need and should contains the following: why the project was selected, business value project will add and how the project will help achieving Organization Strategic goals.
  • High level strategic and operational assumptions are normally identified in the business case before the project is initiated , and will flow into the project charter , the assumption log is then used to record all assumptions during the project lifecycle .
  • Project managers are not usually involved in the project selection but they should be aware of the Project business value and why it was selected among others , a professional project manager will keep the business value in mind to make sure the project achieves the objectives for which it was selected .


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