Monitoring & Controlling

The Monitoring and Controlling Process Group consists of those processes required to track, review, and orchestrate the progress and performance of the project; identify any areas in which changes to the plan are required; and initiate the corresponding changes. This Process Group not only monitors and controls the work being done within a Process Group, but also monitors and controls the entire project effort , as per the PMBOK 6th edition , there are 12 Processes in the Monitoring and Controlling Process group :

  1. Monitor and Control Project Work – Integration Management
  2. Perform Integrated Change Control – Integration Management
  3. Control Scope – Scope Management
  4. Validate Scope – Scope Management
  5. Control Schedule – Schedule Management
  6. Control Cost – Cost Management
  7. Control Resources – Resources Management
  8. Control Quality – Quality Management
  9. Monitor Communications – Communication Management
  10. Control Procurement – Procurement Management
  11. Monitor Risks – Risk Management
  12. Monitor Stakeholder engagement – Stakeholder Engagement

Monitoring and Controlling Process group have a share of 25% out of the 200 PMP exam questions , for practicing a PMP exam structured as per the PMI standards of the five exam domains , you can refer to my course on Udemy platform .

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