Monitor Communications

This article contains most of the important information you need to know about Control Communications process in order to answer questions related to this topic in the PMP Exam, I recommend you review this type of articles 1 week before your exam date, all information mentioned are based on PMBOK Guide 6th edition and PMP Exam Prep 9th edition for Rita Maclhy’s, ITTO refers to Inputs, Tools & Techniques and outputs.

This process is a part of Monitor and Control Process group and Communications Management Knowledge Area with the following ITTO’s


  1. Project Management Plan ( Recourses Management Plan , Communications Management Plan , Stakeholders engagement plan )
  2. Project Documents (Issue Log , Lessons learned register , Project Communications)
  3. Work Performance Data
  4. Organizational Process Assets
  5. Enterprise Environmental Factors


Tools & Techniques:

  1. Interpersonal and team skills (Observation , Conversation )
  2. Data Analysis (Stakeholder engagement assessment matrix )
  3. Project Management information system – PMIS
  4. Expert Judgment
  5. Meetings


  1. Work Performance Information
  2. Change Requests
  3. Project Management Plan Updates (Communication management plan , Stakeholder engagement matrix )
  4. Project document Updates ( Issue log , lessons learned register, Stakeholder Register)


  • Involves making sure information is flowing as planned in the right way to the right people at the right time and making sure communication management plan is followed .
  • You need to measure and compare the actual project communications to the planned one .
  • Issue log is an important input as it can be used to communicate issues on the project , areas of confusion , disagreement, conflict, and concerns that require attention and resolution .

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