Define Activites

This article contains most of the important information you need to know about Define Activites process in order to answer questions related to this topic in the PMP Exam, I recommend you review this type of articles 1 week before your exam date, all information mentioned are based on PMBOK Guide 6th edition and PMP Exam Prep 9th edition for Rita Maclhy’s, ITTO refers to Inputs, Tools & Techniques and outputs.

This process is a part of Planning Process group and Time Management Knowledge Area with the following ITTO’s


  1. Project Management Plan ( Schedule Management Plan , Scope Baseline )
  2. Organizational Process Assets
  3. Enterprise Environmental Factors




Tools & Techniques:

  1. Decomposition
  2. Rolling Wave planning
  3. Export Judgment
  4. Meetings


  1. Activity List
  2. Activity Attributes
  3. Milestones list
  4. Change Requests
  5. Project Management plan updates ( Schedule & Cost Baselines )


  • It’s the process of defining and documenting the specific actions to be performed to produce the project deliverables .
  • This process involves taking the work packages produced in create WBS process and decomposing them into activities that are required to produce the work package deliverables.
  • Activities produced are more related to actual project work that will produce project deliverables.
  • Activity Types :
  1. Level of efforts, Support and measured in time period.
  2. Discrete efforts, indirect proportion to other activities.
  • Note for the exam that if the team is decomposing project deliverables, they are in creating WBS process, if they are decomposing work packages, they are in define activities process.
  • This process can be combined with Create WBS; it depends on the project manager.
  • Rolling Wave planning is the major tool here in addition to the decomposition , it is used when the project contains a lot of unknowns , it is about planning at a higher level and then wait until the project work has begun and the work is clearer to plan lower levels , it is called “ progressive elaboration “ also .
  • This process results in Activity list, activity attributes and Project milestones.
  • The activity list includes the schedule activities required on the project .
  • The activity attributes extend the descriptions of the activity by identifying multiple components associated with each activity .
  • Milestones: significant events within project schedule , they have no durations, project milestones may be mentioned in project charter , they can be used as check points to help control the project.

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