Develop Project Management Plan

This article contains most of the important information you need to know about Develop Project management Plan process in order to answer questions related to this topic in the PMP Exam, I recommend you review this type of articles 1 week before your exam date, all information mentioned are based on PMBOK Guide 6th edition and PMP Exam Prep 9th edition for Rita Maclhy’s, ITTO refers to Inputs, Tools & Techniques and outputs.

This process is a part of Planning Process group and Integration Management Knowledge Area with the following ITTO’s


  1. Project Charter
  2. Outputs from other Processes
  3. Organizational Process Assets
  4. Enterprise Environmental Factors

Tools & Techniques:

  1. Expert Judgment
  2. Data Gathering ( Brainstorming , Checklists , Interviews , Focus Groups )
  3. Interpersonal and Team skills ( Conflict Management , Facilitation , Meeting management )
  4. Meetings


  1. Project Management Plan



  • Management Plans , they mainly document the strategy for managing the project and the processes related to the knowledge areas of scope , schedule, cost, quality , human resources , communication ,risk, procurement and stakeholder management , those plans are the in essence set of documents with processes , procedures , practices, standards and metrics that you want the project stakeholders to follow to ensure consistent results.
  • Planning is thinking through the project in advance.
  • Project management plan should be a written formal document; usually it is created by the project manager and signed off by key Stakeholders.
  • It’s progressively elaborated during project life cycle.
  • Once the project management plan is baselined (validated and signed off by key stakeholders) it is subjected for formal change control and is used as basis to compare with actual plan.
  • Project management plan mainly contains Project management processes that will be used in the project , 13 management plans in addition to the performance baselines as following :
  1. Project management processes that will be used in the project: project manager should determine what processes need to be used based on the needs of the project.
  2. Subsidiary Management Plans : Scope, Time, Cost, Quality, human resources, communication, Risk, procurement and stakeholder management plans.
  3. Requirements management plan: defines how requirements will be gathered, analyzed, evaluated, managed and controlled. ( Product of plan scope management )
  4. Change management plan: it is for managing changes and the change process on the project.
  5. Configuration management plan: manages changes to the documentation about deliverables and processes of the project.
  6. Process Improvement plan: how processes what are used in the project will be evaluated and improved ( Product of Plan Quality Management )
  7. Performance measurement baselines : the baselines at which the project performance and the performance of the project manager will be measured upon , they can be changed but it shouldn’t be an easy process to do.
  8. Scope baseline: project scope statement, Work breakdown structure and WBS dictionary. ( Product of Create WBS Process)
  9. Schedule Baseline: the agreed upon schedule, includes start and stop dates of each activity. ( Product of Develop Project schedule process)
  10. Cost Baseline: Time phased cost budget, Product of determine project budget.
  • Project Management Information system ( PMIS ) includes Change control system and configuration control system.
  • Management Reviews : Milestones will be built into the project management plan , indicating times when management and stakeholders will compare project progress to what was planned and to identify any needed changes to any of the management plans .
  • Project Documents: it is the term used to refer to any project related documents that are out of the project management plan, they include Procurement SOW, Project charter, stakeholder register, Risk register , issue log , change log ….
  • Kick Off meeting: This is the meeting of key parties involved in the project, the purpose of the meeting is to announce the start of project and to ensure everyone is familiar with its details and with the people working on it.
  • Items that may be reviewed in Kick off meeting may include: Project milestones, Project Risks, Communication management plan and meetings schedules.
  • As per PMI , Microsoft project is considered as close to bar chart and not a part of PMIS ( Project management Information system )

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