Prince-2 Foundation Recommended Online Course

Recommended PRINCE2 Foundation Online Courses

In this section of the blog, am listing the best PRINCE2 Foundation exam preparation courses in the online market, am going to highlight the course i used to pass the exam from my first trial.

By Shadi Al-Sha’er, PMP®, RMP®, PRINCE2 Practitioner ®, September,12,2019

When you think of being a PRINCE2 Foundation certified, the first to come in mind is the exam preparation course, below am listing in detail the best courses in the online market which i reviewed myself, in addition to few highly recommended options in the online market from my students, the most cost and time effective options for busy professionals. Attending a PRINCE2 Foundation live class isn’t always the preferred option for most of people having a full time job, in the past few years most of the PRINCE2 Foundation candidates are using the online live webinar courses and courses of prerecorded videos available on few teaching platforms such as Udemy! i will start now listing the best choices in means of quality, time and cost based on my experience coaching and guiding students to pass their exam from the first trial.

  1. PRINCE2® Foundation Certification Training by Master of Project Academy

Master of project academy provides an Online PRINCE2® Foundation training that helps you fully prepare for the PRINCE2 Foundation certification exam – even if you’re working full­‐time. Master of Project Academy PRINCE2® Foundation Training includes:

  1. 20 hours of PRINCE2® Foundation Certification Training designed by industry experts. 
  2. Learn at your own pace whenever and wherever you want, even if you work full-time. 
  3. 300+ PRINCE2® Foundation practice questions help you prepare for the certification exam.
  4. Sample PRINCE2 Foundation Certification exam – so you’re exam-ready ahead of the big day. 
  5. PRINCE2 Foundation handouts and several study materials. 

The course features:

  • 99.6% Pass Rate
  • 20+ Hours
  • 100+ Lectures
  • 30 day money back guarantee!
  • 100% Online & Self-Paced
  • Course Completion Certificate

What shall you expect as an outcome of this course?

  • Completing this online PRINCE2 Foundation training will prepare you for PRINCE2 Foundation Exam
  • Theoretical concepts explained with real-world project examples, giving you a better understanding of those concepts when it comes to your certification exam
  • 24/7 assistance from our expert support team
  • Test yourself with a full sample PRINCE2 Foundation exam to assess your readiness for the real exam
  • Over 300 practice questions to test your skills and prepare for certification
  • Unlike in-person ‘certification training bootcamps’, you can study and prepare at your own pace, to fit your busy schedule
  • Online moderated PRINCE2 Foundation peer forum to participate in active discussions
  • Downloadable high-quality PRINCE2 Foundation study tools (flash cards, cheat sheets, etc.)

Meet your instructor

Greg Powell-Rees has been involved in PRINCE2 projects and in project management training and consulting for much of his project management career.

Greg has consulted and worked with a range of clients in Europe and the United Kingdom and in most of Sub-Saharan Africa. Greg’s client list includes major nuclear regulators, petrochemical organisations, centers for industrial research, telecommunications companies and a wide range of parastatal organisations, including state-owned enterprises and government departments.

You can enroll in this course by a monthly, annual, or lifetime subscription, the prices start from $77 per month. This course is highly recommended and it will make you 100% prepared for the PRINCE2 Foundation exam.

Preview the Master of Project Academy PRINCE2 Foundation course.

2. PRINCE2® Foundation Certification by Whizlabs

Whizlabs was awarded as the Most Innovative Indian IT Company by NASSCOM in 2004, Whizlabs help professionals enhance their skill set and thus, advance their career. Whizlabs is the pioneer among online training providers over the world. We provide online certification training in various disciplines such as Cloud Computing, Java, Big Data, Project Management, Agile, Linux, CCNA, and Digital Marketing. They have created a new PRINCE2 Foundation program program that includes the following:

  • 150 mins of Training Videos for all Modules
  • Case Study
  • Sample Papers
  • Expert Support for any Query
  • Unlimited Access

Topic-wise Content Distribution of PRINCE2® Foundation Course provided by Whizlabs contains four different modules. Whizlabs PRINCE2® Foundation Certification Online Course helps professionals to prepare themselves fully before taking the exam. You need to go through all the training videos and that will be sufficient for your PRINCE2® certification preparation.

This course is offered with a very budget friendly price of $29.99 with a 100% money back guarantee. You can preview this course from the link here.

3. PRINCE2® Foundation Certification Training Course by Grey Campus.

GreyCampus is a PEOPLECERT ATO, and more than 9k students enrolled in this program with a very positive review. This course includes the following:

  • 2 Mock Exams
  • 2 Days’ Instructor-led Training
  • PEOPLECERT PRINCE2 Foundation Exam
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • 1 Year E-Learning Access
  • 35 Professional PMI PDUs

In this course, you’ll be introduced to the PRINCE2 principles and terminology. You will be able to act as an informed member of a project management team using the PRINCE2 methodology within a project environment supporting PRINCE2. You will learn 7 Principles/ Themes/ Processes of PRINCE2 Projects and their relations and also demonstrate their ability to tune PRINCE2 to different project circumstances. And as an outcome of this course, you will be able to pass the PRINCE2 Foundation certification exam and become a certified professional.

You can preview the PRINCE2® Foundation Certification Training – Online Self-Paced, and enroll for a price of $550 including the exam fees paid to PeaopleCert.

4. PRINCE2 Foundation Complete Course and 2 Practice Exams By Dion Training Solutions.

This course is the Best Selling PRINCE2® Foundation Course on Udemy. Do you need to earn your PRINCE2 Foundation certification?  If so, you’ve come to the right place!

Jason Dion have personally trained thousands of people in how to pass their PRINCE2 Foundation exam on the first attempt!

This course is designed to get you ready to take and pass the PRINCE2 (2017) Foundation exam in the next 7 days. The course will cover everything you need to pass the exam by breaking down the content into 3 hours of video, 2 full-length practice exams, and a complete PDF copy of my PRINCE2 Foundation textbook. In just 60 minutes a day, you will learn everything you need to know to pass the exam on your first attempt! 

This course includes an overview of the PRINCE2 methodology including the 7 Principles, 7 Themes, and 7 Processes used in a PRINCE2 project management environment. Additionally, this course comes with 2 complete practice exams that simulate the type of questions you will receive on the PRINCE2 Foundation exam, Study Notes in PDF format, and a copy of my PRINCE2 Foundation textbook from Dion Training’s Cram to Pass series!

PRINCE2 is built upon seven Principles, seven Themes, and seven Processes that are the result of decades of best practice research. Additionally, PRINCE2 is highly flexible and can be tailored to your large, medium, or small scaled projects to meet your organization’s specific requirements. 

The PRINCE2 Foundation exam is the entry-level certification in the PRINCE2 methodology and offers an exceptional overview of PRINCE2. By obtaining your PRINCE2 Foundation certification, you are showing employers that you understand the key elements, concepts and terminology used in the PRINCE2 method and that you can work effectively as part of a project management team.

This course comes with a complete PDF of the lecture notes for every video in the course and a free copy of my eBook (PRINCE2 Foundation from the Cram to Pass book series)

The PRINCE2® course on this page is offered by Dion Training Solutions, LLC, an ATO of AXELOS Limited. PRINCE2 and the Swirl logo are registered trademarks of AXELOS Limited. All rights reserved.

Who this course is for:

  • Students who want to take and pass the PRINCE2 Foundation certification exam on the first try
  • Students who require a basic understanding of the PRINCE2 methodology
  • Students who want to understand how the PRINCE2 methodology is used to perform project management within their organizations
  • IT professionals or others working within an organization that utilize PRINCE2 and who need understand the methodology to participate as a member of a project team
  • Anyone who has an interest in the PRINCE2 methodology or certifications

You can preview and enroll in this course for a price of $12 only!

5. PRINCE2® 2017 Foundation (Accredited by PeopleCert/AXELOS) by Zindiak Limited.

This course was completely re-recorded and updated in 2019. It covers the updated PRINCE2® 2017 guidance and new Foundation and Practitioner examinations.

Provides all the information you need in a concise format ideal for those wishing to pass the certification exam in the shortest possible time.

This course is accredited by PeopleCert on behalf of AXELOS. and it consists of:

  • 48 video lessons
  • 2 sample PRINCE2 2017 Foundation exam papers (1 hour each)
  • 2 sample PRINCE2 2009 Foundation exam papers (1 hour each)
  • 7 Case Studies
  • 3 White Papers

The course covers the entire PRINCE2 2017 Foundation exam syllabus including:

  • Seven PRINCE2 Principles
  • Seven PRINCE2 Processes
  • Seven PRINCE2 Themes
  • Identifying the minimum requirement for a PRINCE2 project

A PRINCE2 certificate from AXELOS proves the professional has the required skills, knowledge and competence to successfully manage projects. That’s why more and more companies around the world demand project managers who have a PRINCE2 certificate. An AXELOS certificate for PRINCE2 takes the skills of professionals to a higher level, thereby strengthening the organization he or she works for.

Material in this course has been sourced from Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2® manual 2017 Edition. No part of this document may be reproduced in any form without the written permission of both the Zindiak Limited and AXELOS Limited.

More than 1,000 students enrolled in this course, with a 4.3 out of 5.o overall course rating. You can enroll in this course for a price of $12.

As a conclusion, i advise you to start with one of the courses listed above, the PRINCE2 Foundation exam content is not that simple, and it is not recommended you start directly reading the exam reference book, watching a 4-5 hours of video content course will help you a lot, and it will make your exam preparation journey easier.

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