PRINCE-2 Practitioner Exam Simulators

PRINCE2 Practitioner Exam Simulators

Practicing is very important, even though there are not a lot of PRINCE2 Practitioner exam simulators, in this article am listing few resources of useful exam simulators available in the online market to get high quality mock tests before your real exam.

By Shadi Al-Sha’er, PMP®, RMP®, PRINCE2 Practitioner ®, September ,16,2019

The second contributing factor for students to pass the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam from the first attempt is practicing high-quality exam questions, the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam questions are different than college and school exams! They are very objective, your ability to recognize and deal with each type of questions will increase your chances passing the exam from the first trial.

The PRINCE2 Practitioner exam takes 2.5 hours to complete, and you may take an annotated copy of the Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2 manual into the exam room with you. The total number of marks is 68 (8 marks for principles questions, 35 marks for theme questions, 25 marks for process questions). The pass mark is 55% which means you must score 38 marks or more to pass.

You will be given 3 things:

  • a scenario booklet containing information about a fictional project;
  • a question booklet containing all the questions;
  • an answer sheet where you mark your answers.

Scenario booklet

This contains a fictional project scenario which describes an organization investing in a project and is normally about 1 page of A4 text. It is this scenario upon which all the questions are based.

Question booklet

This contains all 68 questions, divided into 17 topics. Each topic will be clearly labelled e.g. PRINCIPLES, ORGANIZATION, DIRECTING A PROJECT etc.. The sequence of questions follows the chapters in the PRINCE2 manual i.e. first the principles, then the themes, then the processes.

Answer sheet

You fill in your answers in a grid in pencil. The grid is clearly marked to show which question the grid refers to. You will be given a pencil and eraser in the exam.

After attending a course, or studying online, practice papers are the best way to prepare for the types of questions used during the exam. Even when the training day is over, you should practice at home to fully ensure you get to grips with the type of questions used.

Here are the two styles of objective test questions you’ll have to answer during the Practitioner exam:

  1. Standard classic – select one answer from a range of options.

Example 1:

At the end of the second stage on your project, it was discovered that the original estimates were incorrect, the reason behind this was the project team did not engage experienced technicians during planning sessions. Experience technicians will be consulted whilst planning future stages. Which principle is being applied, and why?

  1. ‘Continued business justification’, because the project should have not started
  2. ‘Continued business justification’, because a benefits management approach should have been updated at the end of the stage
  3. ‘Learn from experience’, because technicians should always be involved in planning a project
  4. ‘Learn from experience’, because the project should continue to learn from its experiences.

Example 2:

During the managing a stage boundary process the project manager has chosen to create a checkpoint report to advise the project board of stage performance. Is this a correct action?

  1. Yes, as checkpoint reports provide the status of a work package
  2. Yes, because checkpoint reports are produced on a time-driven basis
  3. No, as a stage plan for the next stage is produced at this point in the project
  4. No, as an end stage report is used together with the next stage plan to give the project board sufficient information on project progress to date and decide what action to take next with the project

Tip: for a question such as this where you have 2 ‘Yes’ and 2 ‘No’ answers to choose from, first decide whether it is yes or no. Then from the 2 options remaining, choose which one sounds the most appropriate.

2. Matching Questions – this question style is where you must link items in one list to items in a second list. There is only one correct response to each question item, but options from the second list may be used once, more than once (in most cases), or not at all.

Out of the 68 questions in the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam, there will be 35 multiple choice questions, and 33 matching questions.

Now am going to list few resources where you can get some high quality mock tests to prepare for the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam. There are no purely exam simulators in the market, however it is very important to practice before your exam date, the three programs am explaining below include high-quality test papers which i checked my self, they are online course, which you need to enroll in, to find out the exam papers or simulators.

  1. PRINCE2® Practitioner Certification Training by Master of Project Academy.

Master of Project Academy program for the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam preparation includes over 150 scenario-based PRINCE2 Practitioner practice questions to test your skills and prepare for certification

2. PRINCE2 Practitioner Complete Course by Dion Training Solutions on Udemy.

This course provided by Jason Dion comes with two complete practice exams that simulate the type of questions you will receive on the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam and a copy of a valuable exam study notes in PDF format!

This PRINCE2® course is offered by Dion Training Solutions, LLC, an ATO of AXELOS Limited, and it is cost friendly as you can enroll in this course for only a price of $12 only, in addition to a 30 days money back guarantee. 

3. PRINCE2® Practitioner (AXELOS Accredited) with 2017 Updates by Zindiak Limited on Udemy.

You can take this course for only $12, and it will provide you with seven case studies, two sample practitioner exam papers (2.5 hours each), and three white papers.

As a conclusion, you MUST practice some high quality PRINCE2 Practitioner mock tests, practicing will increase your chances passing the exam from your first trial, pick one or two of the options i listed above, in order to test your readiness for the exam.

Wish you the best!

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