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I did an intensive search through the web, to get the best sources of FREE PRINCE2 Practitioner resources and mock exams, below am listing few useful links and websites which you can use while preparing for the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam.

By Shadi Al-Sha’er, PMP®, RMP®, PRINCE2 Practitioner ®, September,19,2019

Few links i mentioned in this article will refer you to free mock exams, the mock exams are very useful to test your readiness for the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam (it is highly advisable to purchase additional PRINCE2 Practitioner mock exams such as the ones listed in the exam simulators page of this blog, which you can visit here, it contains questions based on the Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2.

  1. Free PRINCE2® Training provided by Master of Project Academy.

Master of project academy provides online free PRINCE2® training that helps you learn about PRINCE2 certification, syllabus, overview, PRINCE2 Principles, tips and tricks and more.

Free PRINCE2® Training includes:

  • Downloadable free PRINCE2 study materials PRINCE2 Syllabus & PRINCE2 Overview 
  • PRINCE2 Principles 
  • Reviews, tips and tricks from recent PRINCE2 exam takers
  • PRINCE2 Syllabus & PRINCE2 Overview 
  • PRINCE2 Principles 
  • Reviews, tips and tricks from recent PRINCE2 exam takers

Enroll in Free PRINCE2® Training online and learn all you need to know about PRINCE2 certification.

Features of the Free PRINCE2® Training:

  • 99.6% Pass Rate
  • 90 Minutes
  • FREE-No Credit Card Required
  • 30 day money back guarantee!
  • 100% Online & Self-Paced
  • Course Completion Certificate

What will you get from this free training?

  • Sample lectures from online PRINCE2 training
  • Downloadable PRINCE2 study materials and useful PRINCE2 resources
  • PRINCE2 Syllabus
  • Structural overview of PRINCE2
  • PRINCE2 Principles
  • Tips & tricks from recent PRINCE2 exam takers
  • Get prompt answers & support from the instructor within 24 hours!
  • Participate in active discussions with other PRINCE2 exam candidates & participants passed the PRINCE2 exam.

2. Projstudy PRINCE2 Free Resources

PROJstudy, an Edusys Services Private Limited brand, is among the select group of Accredited Training Organizations (ATO) accredited by the APM Group, UK. PROJstudy specializes in conducting quality classroom training programs to prepare delegates for PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner certifications.

On their websites, there are numerous free resources you can tap into! Take simulated PRINCE2 practice tests, watch high-quality videos, check your learning with chapter tests, download a free mobile app, and use the PRINCE2 Pre-Learning materials.

The free resources section includes:

  1. Free Demo—Online Course, the free demo includes the PROJstudy Full Simulated Practice Tests—the closest test to the actual PRINCE2 Exam.
  2. Overview – Classroom/Virtual, our course materials have been designed by a panel of PRINCE2 experts, each of which has more than 15 years of industry experience in Project Management. PROJstudy has created a time-tested methodology that is backed by high pass rates. We provide students with all the materials they need, including the PROJstudy PRINCE2 Workbook and PeopleCert Sample Question Papers.
  3. Free High-Quality Videos, free videos on PRINCE2 Foundation Overview, History of PRINCE2, Introduction to PRINCE2, and Introduction to key terms are available.
  4. Free Simulated PRINCE2 Practice Test, PROJstudy’s practice exam is designed to simulate the PRINCE2 Foundation Exam format—this one-hour test will help you become comfortable with the PRINCE2 Foundation exam format.
  5. Free Chapter Test, the questions in the Chapter Tests familiarize you with the different types of questions you can expect in each section. A detailed justification/explanation for each answer is also provided.
  6. Free Guide, Podcasts—Organization, sample guides are available in for “Organization”—these will give you an idea of all the chapter guides provided by To enhance the learning experience of the delegates, PROJstudy provides podcasts that are audio/visual presentations of our study guides.
  7. Free Mobile Apps, PROJstudy provides many mobile apps that help students to pass the PRINCE2 Certification exam.

You can make use of all the mentioned above free resources by visiting PROJstudy website through the link here.

3. PROJECT in a Box PRINCE2 Free Resources

With so much PRINCE2 material available commercially it can often be difficult to research for free.  This page provides links to free PRINCE2 material we have come across on our on-line travels.

On their website, you can find few useful resources that will help you prepare and pass the PRINCE2 Foundation/Practitioner exam, such resources include presentations, free mock exams, and PRINCE2 templates.

For more free resources about the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam, you can join our group on Facebook, where you will have an access to exam files, tips and tricks to pass the exam.

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