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Recommended PRINCE2 Practitioner Reference Books/ Study Guide

In this section of the blog, am listing the best PRINCE2 practitioner exam reference books to use in the exam preparation journey, am going to highlight the books i used to pass the exam from my first trial.

By Shadi Al-Sha’er, PMP®, RMP®, PRINCE2 Practitioner ®, September,12,2019

The first step in your PRINCE2 exam preparation journey is the online course which i recommended you in the online courses page of this blog. Once you are done with the online preparation course, you need to get your reference book to read the exam content. Below am listing in detail the best reference books to use while preparing for the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam, am also listing the books i used to prepare for the exam, in addition to few options which students who passed the exam from their first trial recommended.

  1. PRINCE2 Study Guide: 2017 Update 2nd Edition by David Hendi

The PRINCE2 Study Guide, Second Edition, offers comprehensive preparation for the latest PRINCE2 exam. Covering 100 percent of the exam objectives, this guide provides invaluable guidance that will help you master both the material and its applications; indeed, a practice-centered approach helps you “learn by doing” to help you internalize PRINCE2 concepts on a deeper level. Although the exam is heavily focused on detailed business process, this guide’s accessible writing and real-world approach make learning fun. Each chapter poses a common project challenge, and walks you through the solution based on essential PRINCE2 principles. A year of FREE access to electronic study aids allows you to study anywhere, at any time, and expert instruction throughout breaks complex topics down into easily-digestible concepts.  

The PRINCE2 exam is challenging, but thorough preparation is your best defense. Conceptual knowledge is important, but it isn’t enough—knowledge is only useful if you can apply it. This book is designed as your personal PRINCE2 coach: 

  • Master 100 percent of the PRINCE2 exam objectives
  • Apply your knowledge to real-world workplace scenarios
  • Test your understanding with challenging review questions
  • Access sample questions, electronic flashcards, and other study aids

PRINCE2 is globally recognized as one of the premier project management credentials; while less expansive than the PMP, the PRINCE2 is more intense and tightly focused on detailed business processes. Companies around the world are in need of qualified project management professionals to optimize processes and boost organizational performance—and the PRINCE2 certification puts you on the map as a validated professional. If you’re ready to take on your next challenge, the PRINCE2 Study Guide, Second Edition, is your ultimate companion for complete preparation.

This book covers 100% of key capabilities, including support business outcomes, enable business change, manage risk in line with business needs, optimize customer experience, show value for money, continually improve, and much more… Includes online interactive learning environment with: +Sample Foundation and Practitioner Exams Written by the Author
+100 electronic flashcards
+Searchable key term glossary

Complete, practical preparation for the PRINCE2 2017 exam update

The PRINCE2 Study Guide is your ultimate preparation resource for the new exam! The PRINCE2 has been updated for the first time since 2009, and this guide covers 100 percent of the latest objectives to help you pass with flying colors. Comprehensive explanations focus on practical applications, written in an easy-to-read style that allows you to focus on the content. Each chapter features everyday project scenarios alongside PRINCE2 solutions, helping you “learn by doing” to gain a deeper grasp of key processes and themes. Sample questions, electronic flashcards, challenging reviews, and much more give you the mental edge you need to approach the exam with confidence!

Coverage of 100% of all exam objectives in this Study Guide means you’ll be ready for:

  • The Seven Principles, Themes, and Processes
  • Input and Output from Each Process
  • Major Management Product Key Contents
  • Relationships Between roles, Processes, and Deliverables
  • PRINCE2 Product Applications
  • Project-Specific Approaches
  • PRINCE2 Applications in Specific Scenarios
  • Customizing PRINCE2 to Address a Given Problem

About the Author

David Hinde has prepared thousands of candidates for PRINCE2 certification, and has managed large-scale PRINCE2 projects for organizations including the BBC, Deloitte and Touche and the UK Government. As a PRINCE2 trainer and practitioner, he writes regularly about management topics and speaks at events for the Project Management Institute and the Best Practice User Group.

This book was an amazing resource to use when i prepared for the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam, the author is moving from chapter to chapter in a very smooth approach, and if you have taken a look at the PRINCE2 official manual, you will appreciate this resource and see how it was made to prepare you for the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam, at the end of each chapter you will have a sample quiz for Foundation and Practitioner exams. Also you can have this book for a very affordable price on amazon for only $29.99.

You can take a look and read dozens of pages of the PRINCE2 study guide second edition by clicking the link below. You will be restricted to Amazon where you can flip through the book just as you are holding it in a bookstore.

Preview the PRINCE2 Study Guide: 2017 Update 2nd Edition here before you buy it.

2. Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2 2017th Edition

PRINCE2 is firmly established as the world’s most practiced method for project management and is globally recognized for delivering successful projects. The updated 2017 guidance, its first since 2009, places a strong emphasis on the scalability and flexibility of the method and on how best to tailor it to the complexity and specific requirements of a project. 

The best practice represented by the PRINCE2 method is supported by a scheme that offers three levels of certification: Foundation, Practitioner and Professional. The PRINCE2 method comprises of seven themes, principles, and processes and equips practitioners with the skills and knowledge to manage projects in a wide range of environments.

Key updates:

  • Increased emphasis on tailoring PRINCE2 to the needs of organizations and a range of project environments
  • Demonstrates a greater link between the PRINCE2 themes and principles
  • Restructuring of the ‘Themes’ chapters to accommodate typical examples of tailoring
  • Provides increased guidance on the practical application of the PRINCE2 method, with examples, hint and tips
  • Improvements to the structure and format have been made throughout the manual to ensure it is easier to navigate and use
  • The updated guidance and exams has been developed through a collaborative approach involving over 100 members of the broader development team, including practitioners, trainers and consultants
  • PRINCE2’s familiar structure of seven principles, themes and processes have remained constant.

The new 2017 edition publication is the manual from which the syllabus and the examinations are set and supports the updated PRINCE2 certification for both Foundation and Practitioner examinations.

The second impression of the sixth edition of Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2 (2017) includes, in response to feedback on the first impression, a range of minor amendments to improve the overall quality of the guidance. None of these changes has any impact on the PRINCE2 Foundation or Practitioner examinations.

The changes to the guidance include:

  • Clearer application of terms ‘accountable’ and ‘responsible’ throughout
  • Amendment to the glossary definition of ‘quality assurance’ and related body text
  • Improved consistency between terms ‘project product(s)’ and ‘project’s product(s)
  • Clarification of text relating to roles within Ops and Maintenance.

About the Author

Privatized from HMSO in 1996, TSO has a 200-year inheritance of secure, no-fail delivery to Her Majesty’s Government and Parliament and it is the largest publisher in the UK by volume, publishing over 15,000 titles a year.

You can take a look and read dozens of pages of the Managing successful projects with PRINCE2 manual by clicking the link below. You will be restricted to Amazon where you can flip through the book just as you are holding it in a bookstore.

Preview the Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2 2017 edition here.

The above mentioned resources are the ones i used to pass my PRINCE2 Practitioner exam from the first trial, and they are the ones i recommend for you to use, start with the PRINCE2 Study guide, and then have a look on the PRINCE2 manual. Keep in mind that the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam is an open book exam, and the only allowed book to be with you is the Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2, so it is a must to have a copy of this manual and to read it before your exam date, in order to save your time during the exam and to be familiar with this book.

3. PRINCE2 2017 Certification Foundation and Practitioner Guidebook by Sarah Taylor.

You can use this resource as a support for your exam preparation journey. The must use ones are the the ones i described earlier, below paragraph is the book description written by the author.

PRINCE2 is a project management system that is developed by accumulating years of best practice experience from government and commercial businesses and has led to a practical and process-based method that is intended to be applied in any project despite industry, technology, size, or complexity. This book will cover the following topics, demonstrating the added value of PRINCE2 to you as an individual and to your organization. And describing the certification method and the different PRINCE2 certifications. Finally, I will give you an intro to the key components of the PRINCE2 project management method. By the end of completing this book, you will be familiar with the PRINCE2 concepts and you will have a solid foundation to proceed on with your journey in the PRINCE2 practitioner certification.

This book is very cost friendly and you can take it for $16.99 through Amazon website, also you can preview this book here.

As a conclusion, and in my opinion, the best reference book to use while preparing for the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam is the PRINCE2 Study guide, once you are done with it, you should get a copy from Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2, even though it’s not my recommendation to use while preparing for the exam, it’s a must! it’s the only resource you are allowed during your exam time, you need to read it at least for one time prior to your exam date, know exactly the book structure, in order to use it smoothly during your exam!

Wish you a PRINCE2 Practitioner exam success!

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