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Practicing is very important, am listing the most cost and time efficient PMI-RMP exam simulators available in the online market to get high quality mock tests before your real exam.

By Shadi Al-Sha’er, PMP®, RMP®, PRINCE2 Practitioner ®, September ,12,2019

The second contributing factor for students to pass the PMI-RMP exam from the first attempt is practicing high quality exam questions, as i mentioned earlier in the PMI-RMP study plan, the exam questions are different than college and school exams! They are very objective, your ability to recognize and deal with each type of questions will increase your chances passing the exam from the first trial , you should expect questions from the following types:

1. Math formulas based questions, in such type of questions you need to use math formulas to solve, they are based on the formulas you need to memorize for the PMI-RMP exam, refer to the table here to know more about the math formulas and definition of each. For me, formula based questions are a great tool in the PMI-RMP exam, you just need to know the required formulas and how to use each in order to guarantee around 5 to 10 exam questions, practicing math questions will help you in the PMI-RMP exam, if you still believe you have an issue with formula based questions, you can refer to my PMI-RMP detailed math course which includes + 20 tough math questions, enroll here for $9.99.

2. ITTO based questions, ITTO refer to Input, Tools and Techniques, and Outputs. Direct questions based on the ITTO’s of the risk, communications, and stakeholder management knowledge areas processes will ask you about an input, tool or an output of the process given in the question, some questions will describe a process and ask you about the most appropriate input/output/tool which could be used in the process, you first need to decide which process the question is describing and then select the right answer. It’s hard to memorize all ITTO’s, but you need to understand them for each process , expect questions of this type specially in risk management, communications management, and stakeholder management, for additional 170 tough ITTO’s questions for the PMI-RMP exam, you can enroll here to my practice test course on Udemy for a price of $19.99 only. I have made this simulated exam based on the PMBOK 6th edition, and the standard of risk management for projects, programs, and portfolios that includes advanced tools and techniques is risk management, so don’t go through the mentioned simulation exam if you are not done with the standard for risk management. 

3. Situational based questions, the most difficult type of questions in the PMI-RMP exam, such type of questions will test your ability to apply the theoretical knowledge you learnt into real life examples and applications in managing projects, usually they are tricky and long, it involves a lot of reading and therefor it will consume time. It’s important to recognize the important part of the question in order not to waste time, the other challenging part of this type of questions is that the four options might look acceptable, you should select the best answer.

4. Technique-based questions, according to the PMBOK® Guide, a technique is “a defined systematic procedure employed by a human resource to perform an activity to produce a product or result or deliver a service, and that may employ one or more tools. Almost every project management process in the PMBOK® Guide has a corresponding. Therefore, you will likely encounter a PMI-RMP exam question that tests your understanding of a specific technique. It may be knowledge based where you can demonstrate your understanding of what a technique is used for; however, the PMI-RMP exam question can also test your understanding of how a technique is applied.

5.  Knowledge based questions, these questions may ask you to identify the meaning of a risk management scenario based on the information provided in the question. For example, you could get a question where you are asked to find the exception within the four answers given or you may be asked to name a type of chart or diagram, such type of questions will be used frequently in risk identification process.

6.  Interpretation questions, this type will give you a description of a situation and ask you about the best options to take. For example, they could give you a situation where a project is over budget and ask you to pick the best option a project manager should take to make up the lost time.

It’s important to practice all types of questions listed above before you go for the real exam, it’s also important to practice simulated tests with a time frame of three hours thirty minutes. The online market is full with simulated tests, and I have created a course on Udemy platform were I put 510 questions together divided into three simulated timely tested exams, all are based on the PMBOK 6th edition and structured as per the PMI standards for the PMI-RMP exam, and including all question types stated above. My mock exams are to be carried out in a simulated environment similar to the real exam with a timer. You can pause the test in between and you are allowed to re-take the test later. Your test will resume from where you left, but the test time will be reduced by the amount of time you’ve taken in the previous attempt. These simulated PMI-RMP Exam may be used in several ways. If you take it as a final, you will get a very good idea how you would do if you walked right in to take the PMI-RMP exam. In that way, it can be a very good readiness indicator, use this exam again and again to practice before you go for the real exam, a passing score of this exam is 146 out of 170, which is 80 %. I advise you to repeat this exam more than one time until you reach a score of not less than 90%, you can enroll here for my simulated tests for a price of $ 19.99. the majority of the 510 questions were written by me directly after i passed my exam, this is why you will feel a lot of similarities in between my mock tests and the real PMI-RMP exam!

How to know if you are ready for the real exam?

By checking your test scores in the mock tests you will go through, you can check your readiness for the PMI-RMP exam, doing some surveys and from my own experience preparing students for the exam, practicing these three mock tests and other high quality tests while getting a score of 80% and above in each from the first trial will make your chances to pass the PMI-RMP exam from the first trial very high, the best in the course above that you will find detailed explanations for each question, you need to give attention for those explanations, as passing through them will be considered as a review for the PMI-RMP exam content.

At the end, in the PMI-RMP exam a pass is a pass, the PMI-RMP certificate you will receive will not show your scores,  whether you score all moderately proficient ,proficient or even below.

While you are practicing questions to prepare for the PMI-RMP exam, try the same exam two or three times is often good for practice, but if you would like to assess whether you are exam ready, remember to evaluate only with your first-time results.

Need more mock tests?

The online market is full of exam simulators; i searched the internet a lot and below am listing some of the most popular ones, what am listing below are amazing sources for practicing the PMI-RMP exam questions.

  1. Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP) Certification exam Simulator by Whizlabs.

If you would like to get more hands-on experience to be better prepared for the real PMI-RMP® exam, you might like to explore the PMI-RMP exam simulator offered by Whizlabs based on the PMBOK 6th edition, this package is very practical and you can take it for $39.9 with 5 full-length mock exams (850 unique questions). 

What’s inside this package?

  • 5 Full-length mock exams (850 unique questions)
  • Objective-based (Multiple Choice) Practice Tests
  • Exhaustive Explanation with Every Question
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Revision Notes
  • Unlimited Access

What are the practice tests provided by Whizlabs?

Practice tests are designed by experts to simulate the real exam scenario. The questions are based on the exam syllabus outlined by official documentation. The questions that appear in each practice test are unique and not repeated in other practice tests. These practice tests are provided to the candidates to gain more confidence on exam preparation and self-evaluate them against the exam content.

Before you enroll into this package, you can use Whizlabs offer of free access into 25 RMP questions, then you can upgrade into the paid package. 

  1. Risk Management PMI-RMP Real Practice exams by Ala’s Sultan on Udemy.

This course contains two real PMI Risk Management Professional “PMI-RMP” exams which were created based on RISK PRACTICE STANDARD and PMBOK 6th edition. The practice exam includes the right answer, the clarification for correct answer, the question reference in the PMBOK 6th edition and risk practice standard. The practice exams included different examples of each type of the commonly found questions on the PMI-RMP exam; including the regular question, Monte Carlo simulation questions, and table question. This course of “PMI-RMP” Real practice exam is best way for the PMI-RMP candidate to improve his/her knowledge and to see the areas of weakness and strength, it’s highly recommended with very high rating on Udemy 4.9/5.0 and almost 1,000 students enrolled, you can enroll for this course for $11.99 through the link here.

  1. Risk Management PMI-RMP Appendix D practice Questions By Ala’a Sultan on Udemy.

This course contains two exams which were created based on risk practice standard appendix D, the practice exams includes the right answer, the clarification for correct answer, the question reference in the risk practice standard appendix-D. These practice exams are the best way for the PMI-RMP candidate to improve his/her knowledge and to see the areas of weakness and strength in the RISK PRACTICE STANDARD Appendix D. I highly recommend those two hundred fifty questions, very high quality and you can enroll here for $ 11.99 only.

    4.  PMI-RMP Practice Exam: 5 Tests by Domain Areas- 170 Questions by Shadi AlSha’er  On Udemy. 

Now this simulation exam is unique, the total 170 questions are divided into five mini-tests, each covering one of the PMI-RMP exam domains. It’s a practice test only course for the risk management professional exam. This course will cover one full exam (170 questions) structured into 5 domains as per the Project Management Institute PMI standards and RMP exam outline:

  • Domain 1: Risk Strategy and Planning (20%) 

  • Domain 2:  Stakeholder Engagement (20%) 

  • Domain 3: Risk Process Facilitation (25%)

  • Domain 4: Monitor and Control Project Risks (20%) 

  • Domain 5: Perform Specialized Risk Activities (15%) 

Once you are done with these 5 tests, you can determine the domain which you need to improve your performance in, this exam simulator is highly recommended to highlight your weaknesses. You can enroll in this course for $10 using the link here

As a conclusion, you can go through the details of each exam simulator i mentioned before you register in it, select the option that suits you, the most important is to practice, and to practice high quality timely tested exams, in order to be able to finish the 170 exam questions within three hours and half. 

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