Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

1- Introduction

Elite-mind respects users’ privacy. Therefore, we have prepared the Privacy Policy to enable you to know how we collect and use your data. In addition, Privacy Policy demonstrates your rights to access or correct your personal data and how to restrict our use for this data. Privacy Policy applies when you visit Elite-mind website or when you use Our Services. By visiting Elite-mind website or using any of Our Services, you agree to this Privacy Policy. You should not use any of Our Services if You don’t agree with this Privacy Policy.

2- What Data We Collect

2-1 Your account on Elite-mind website, which contains your email and password in addition to the IP address.

2-2 The data you enter in “My Profile” section, which includes your name, job title, birthdate, gender, country, biographical info, avatar, social media links, and interests which clarifies the course categories that you prefer.

2-3 The data related to courses such as the courses you are enrolled in, lectures and quizzes that you have completed, your progress in each course, certificates that you have requested, and the courses that you have kept in wishlist, archives, or the cart.

2-4 Notifications that have been sent to you through the website and the messages that you have sent or received through the “Message” module in the website.

2-5 When you purchase a course or request certificates, we collect your name, billing address, shipping address in case of shipments, and the use of coupons.

2-6 Interactive information that you provide for the course such as posted reviews, asked questions, added answers, and reported material.

2-7 Data about your using of Our services such as the accessed courses even if you are not enrolled in, visited pages, time of visiting pages, time spent on pages, your search keywords, click data, date and time, geographic location, coordinates, and any other using data.

2-8 Your login to the website in order to start your session and enable your services.

3- How We Collect This Data

Some of the data mentioned above is provided by you through the different pages of the website. Other data is collected automatically through your use of the website including but are not limited to: purchases, enrollment in courses, watching lectures, having quizzes, your requests for certificates, ratings, questions, messages, shipping address, etc. However, these data are necessary to keep your rights in watching the purchased items and delivering the websites services by keeping the history of your inputs where you and others who have the access right can find them later. We use cookies to track your login to the website in order to start your session and keep you login while using the services.

4- Who Can Access Your Data

4-1 Some of your information that we collect could be accessed by any user, some can be accessed by certain users, and some can be accessed only by you and the site administration. This depends on the type and use of this information.

4-2 For any user: Site administration can access all your data except your password. Our partners who are responsible for providing, keeping, and maintaining the services have the same privileges as site administration. Instructors of the courses that you have enrolled in can access the enrollment data such as enrollment date, the amount that you have paid, whether you have purchased with a coupon, offer, or without any of them, the questions that you post on the course page of his course, the conversation between you and him, your comments on his course. Any user of the website might access your profile page which includes your name, profile photo, job title, birthday, country, courses you are enrolled in, and courses taught by you (if any). Also, any user of the website can access the conversation between you and him, your posted questions on course pages, your comments and ratings for courses.

4-3 For Instructors: In addition to the information that could be shown for normal users, your course information are accessible by users depending on the enrollment status. Before enrollments, they can see the course overview, course contents, course review, course price, course category, website offers on your course (if any), demo video, course duration, course language, course level, and any video/file you have selected to leave them enabled for users before enrollment while you were uploading your course content. After enrollment, users who have been enrolled in your course can access the previously mentioned information (before enrollment) in addition to all the course lectures, files, quizzes, and questions.

5- Subscribers List

Once you have created a login in our website, your name is added to the subscribers list. Through this list we notify you with our news and offers. However, you can unsubscribe from this list by clicking the red button (Unsubscribe) at the bottom of our email content that was sent to you.

6- Privacy Policy Update

From time to time, we update our privacy policy. Once it was updated, you will be notified through the email or other notification channels available at the website.

7- Your Questions

If you have any question regarding the privacy policy, please contact us through the “Contact Us” module available at the website. You can access this module from the bar at the bottom of the website home page.