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Professional in Business Analysis (PMI PBA) [AR]

PMI-PBA® stands for Project Management Institute - Professional in Business Analysis certification. It is a certification program that validates the candidate's knowledge and skills in business analysis, and their ability to work effectively with stakeholders to define requirements and deliver solutions that meet business needs.

The PMI-PBA® certification is designed for professionals who work in business analysis, project management, or related fields, and who are interested in advancing their careers by obtaining a recognized certification. The certification covers a range of topics including business analysis planning, elicitation and analysis of requirements, traceability and monitoring of requirements, solution evaluation, and business analysis tools and techniques.

It’s time to become the certified expert your organization needs. If you work with stakeholders in defining requirements, shaping project outputs and driving intended business outcomes, the PMI Professional in Business Analysis (PMI-PBA) ® will spotlight your valuable skills.


Certificate Description

Elite Minds PMI-PBA® training course covers core topics essential for becoming a certified business analyst. It includes topics such as best practices, processes, models, tools and techniques, and core competencies required from a project business analyst. With an emphasis on strategic and business knowledge, the course also highlights the role of a business analyst in the project management context.

Upon 100% completion of this PMI PBA online course content, you will receive a certificate of completion that you can use to apply for the PMI PBA examination including the 35 contact hours prerequisite.

This course conforms to the PMI PBA real test Content Outline (ECO) and aligns with the PMI Guide to Business Analysis and the Business Analysis for Practitioners: A Practice Guide. The course is designed to cover the following PMI PBA exam domains: Needs Assessment, Stakeholder Engagement, Elicitation, Analysis, Traceability and Monitoring, and Solution evaluation.

This course will also include three PMI PBA mock exams including 600 high quality PMI PBA practice questions. I personally wrote them a few days after I passed the exam from my first trial. Therefore, I can assure you that they are really close to the real exam.

Why to take this Course from Elite Minds?

  • We promise you that this is the most comprehensive PMI PBA exam preparation course in the online market.
  • Learn at any time and place and enjoy a customized learning experience supported with videos and graphics, with a schedule aligned with your best time to study and revise.
  • Increase your confidence and improve your chances of passing the Professional in Business Analysis exam from the first trial.
  • Streamline the massive amounts of information required to pass the PMI PBA exam.
  • We have expert trainers, who are PMI PBA certification holders, ready to help you pass the exam and communicate with you 24/7 through email and WhatsApp.
  • Earn PMI PBA 35 contact hours, enough to apply for the exam.
  • Our 3 PMI PBA practice exams that contain 600 PMI PBA exam questions in this course will make you ready to pass the real exam from your first trial.
  • Our PMI PBA test questions were written carefully by our expert who passed the PMI PBA exam from his first trial.
  • Our payment policy ensures money refund within a specific duration if requested.

If you are planning to pass the exam, this PMI PBA training is the only thing you should use! Again, I promise you that this is the most comprehensive PMI PBA exam preparation workshop to make you pass the real PMI PBA exam from your first trial.

What will you learn?

  • Earn the PMI-PBA® 35 contact hours certificate to qualify for the exam.
  • Anticipate the general types of questions that appear on the real PMI-PBA® exam and learn how to answer them through our PMI PBA mock exams.
  • Cite the domains of business analysis, the related tasks, and deliverables.
  • Measure your ability to successfully complete the exam through PMI-PBA® sample questions in each mock exam.
  • Identify the critical principles, activities, tasks, techniques, and terms described in the PMI-PBA® Exam Content Outline.

This PMI-PBA® exam preparation course is best suited for business analysts, project managers, line managers, aspiring project managers, program managers, and business analysis consultants.

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Training Options

Exam Simulators

One year access to high-quality exam simulators 

3 Full PMI-PBA exams with detailed answers and explanations

24x7 learner assistance and support


Self-Paced Boot Camp

 One year access to high-quality self-paced e-learning content

 More than 30 hours of prerecorded videos covering all exam objectives

 9+ Quizzes and 3 full exams

 Support in reviewing your exam application

 Certificate of completion in 35 hours of business analysis education

 Comprehensive Exam Preparation Support

 24x7 learner assistance and support



The prerequisites of the PMI-PBA certification exam include having a four-year degree (bachelor’s degree or the global equivalent), 36 months of business analysis experience, and 35 hours of business analysis education.

Attending the PMI-PBA exam preparation course with Elite Minds will satisfy the third prerequisite of 35 hours of business analysis education. At the end of the course, you will have a certificate of completion which you can use to fill in your exam application and will be accepted by PMI in case your application was selected for audit.




Shadi Hourani


I am taking this course. The content is excellent. Instructor covers everything you need to know for the PMI guide to business analysis. This course covers most out of BA processes and key concepts.

Mohammad Abbas


The course content was comprehensive and well-organized, covering all the key topics that are essential for PBA certification. I highly recommend the PBA Certification.

Omar Barakat

Saudi Arabia

Excellent selection of topics to explain. Based on the PMI Book!

Salem AlZahrani

Saudi Arabia

Amazing Content. The explanations are logical and elaborate, with the right examples to fix concepts on one's mind.


Business analysis has become a competency of critical importance to project management. Becoming certified as a business analysis (BA) expert can move your career in a fresh direction while opportunities for BAs are on the rise. Inaccurate requirements gathering consistently ranks in the top three causes of project failure, yet only half of organizations have the resources in place to perform this function properly, according to our Pulse of the Profession® research. It’s time to become the certified expert your organization needs. If you work with stakeholders in defining requirements, shaping project outputs, and driving intended business outcomes, the PMI Professional in Business Analysis PMI-PBA® will spotlight your valuable skills.

Definity yes, PMI PBA certification is worth your time and effort. In fact, it is considered a gold standard in the field of Business Analysis in project management, and it is globally recognized. It enhances your earning potential and value in an organization. If you have advanced knowledge and experience in business analysis and product requirements definition and analysis or if you are a project manager focused on business analysis, including for large projects in complex environments, then the PMI PBA® is an excellent choice for you.

Earning the PMI Professional in Business Analysis (PMI-PBA) certification can open up a variety of job opportunities in the field of business analysis. Some of the job roles that you may be qualified for after obtaining the PMI-PBA certification include Business Analyst, Senior Business Analyst, Business Systems Analyst, Requirements Analyst, Project Manager, Program Manager, Product Manager, IT Manager, Process Improvement Analyst, or Data Analyst. Overall, the PMI-PBA certification is highly valued in the industry and can help you stand out to potential employers looking for skilled and knowledgeable business analysts.

There are several reasons why earning the PMI Professional in Business Analysis (PMI-PBA) certification can be beneficial for your career: (1) Enhance Your Business Analysis Skills: The PMI-PBA certification validates your skills and knowledge in business analysis, which can help you improve your ability to perform business analysis tasks and activities in your current or future job. (2) Demonstrate Your Expertise: The certification demonstrates to potential employers that you have a deep understanding of business analysis practices, tools, and techniques, and that you are committed to maintaining the highest standards of professionalism. (3) Increase Your Earning Potential: According to PMI's Salary Survey, professionals with the PMI-PBA certification earn higher salaries than their non-certified peers. (4) Expand Your Career Opportunities: The PMI-PBA certification can open up new job opportunities in the field of business analysis and can help you advance your career. (5) Join a Global Community of Professionals: Earning the PMI-PBA certification also gives you access to a global community of business analysis professionals who share best practices, insights, and knowledge to help you stay current in the field.

Elite Minds PMI-PBA exam preparation course offers an innovative curriculum designed by industry experts who have rich training experience. They are aware of the different learning needs of students and try to explain all the concepts in a beginner-friendly manner. As a conclusion, our PMI-PBA course is not difficult to follow. It will walk you through various business analysis concepts, practices, tools, and techniques in both Agile and Waterfall environments. Also, it will walk you through the 35 business analysis processes with the process groups and knowledge areas defined in the PMI standard.

Our course includes access to our e-learning content, practice simulation exams that are close to the real PMI-PBA exam, tips and tricks videos that help you tackle the toughest PMI-PBA exam questions, references to prepare for the exam, and WhatsApp group communication with the course instructor.

If you have decided to take a formal PMI-PBA exam preparation course, you just need to sign up on our website, select the PMI-PBA exam preparation course: 35 contact hours, and complete the payment to get access to the study materials. You can pay through Credit/Debit cards, or PayPal.

Simple answer: Because our course has been the bestselling in terms of PMI-PBA exam preparation since 2021. Our exam preparation course is aligned with the syllabus covered in the actual PMI-PBA certification exam. Our applied learning approach helps learners understand the concepts better and our instructor is a PMI PBA certified who has more than 8 years of experience coaching and preparing students to pass the exam from the first trial. Our PMI PBA exam preparation course includes access to digital materials, case studies, interactive quizzes, and simulation exams to help you prepare for the PMI PBA Certification exam and clear it in the first attempt. Also, you will be able to communicate with our instructor through WhatsApp to answer your questions in timely manner.

When you have completed our PMI-PBA exam preparation course, you will receive a course completion certificate showing the 35 contact hours of business analysis certification which you can use for the exam application. Elite Minds does not administer the PMI-PBA certification, but once you have passed that exam, you will receive the prestigious PMI-PBA certification from the Project Management Institute.

One hour of our course instruction equals one contact hour. If you have completed a university or college course on project management that met for three hours per week for 15 weeks, you would record 45 contact hours. If only a portion of a PMI-PBA course dealt with project management, only the hours spent on project management can be applied toward the total. PDUs are the measuring unit used to quantify approved learning and professional service activities.

Participants are granted three chances to pass the PMI-PBA® exam in one year. For the second and the third attempt for the examination, the participants must pay an additional fee of $275 (for members) or $375 (nonmembers) as a reexamination fee. The participants will have a waiting period of one year before they can re-appear for the exam in case, they do not pass in their first three attempts after completion of PMI-PBA training course.

The PMI-PBA® exam is comprised of 200 questions, 240 minutes to complete the exam, one additional break for a total of 10-minute for computer-based tests. No scheduled breaks for paper-based exams. Questions will be multiple-choice only.

No. PMI® does not mandate any expiry timeline for contact hours earned to qualify for the PMI-PBA® Exam if you retain the proof (certificate). There is no deadline or expiry date, though the contact hours must have been acquired before the submission of the application to PMI®. For example, if you earn the contact hours in 2020, there is nothing stopping you from taking the exam in 2023.

You can reach out directly to our instructor throughout WhatsApp +962797205176.

Yes. Our students can share with us through email: info@eliteminds.co their application draft to review it before formally submitting it through the PMI website.

First, you need to check whether you are eligible to take the PMI-PBA certification exam. For example, a four-year degree, 36 months of experience in business analysis within the last 8 years, and 35 contact hours of business analysis training is required to become eligible. Next, you need to pass the PMI-PBA certification exam to receive the certificate.

If you are a PMI member, you need to pay USD 60 as a renewal fee. For non-PMI members, the renewal fee is USD 150.

The PMI-PBA certification exam is quite difficult, even for those who have experience in product requirements and business analysis. So, the time it takes to prepare for the exam entirely depends on your prior knowledge and the intensity with which you prepare. If you are dedicated enough, it can take you around twelve weeks for complete preparation with the help of our PMI-PBA training.